Customized solutions

ID9 Custom Design

The ID9 Custom Design team writes custom-built training programs for clients. Clients hand over their content to us (in whatever state of completion) and leave it to our expert team of instructional designers to transform it into a sensational learning program that works. We consult with our clients every step of the way and then hand over the new materials for implementation in their business.

We’ll work within your budget and timeline to create a program that matches your needs. Get your training launched fast by getting us to design it, develop it, and package it, ready for you to launch. You’ll get materials for the trainer, participants, and a communication pack. Or, for scorm compliant e-learning, or digital training, ready-to-upload modules for scorm training courses. Whether you need organizational development certification, good laboratory practice training, or general professional development (such as leadership, time management, change management, systems training, SAP, agile methodologies, design thinking, etc), we’ve got you covered.

If you are implementing a new process, SOP, policy, standard, system, or any content that requires training, ID9 Custom Design will transform your content for you. Whatever your topic, we can help!

Outsource your project to the ID9 Custom Design team and customize your performance management training and development with bespoke workshops, e-learning modules, resources, and more.

Our teams are ID9 Certified. It’s the language we speak. However, with so many projects on our work schedule, we use both our internal team plus partner with the ID9 team to develop our complex large projects for us. They are industry experts who turn the most intricate content into high-quality training that works every time and with incredible speed. We couldn’t do without them.

L&D Director
Basel, Switzerland